5 Ways to freshen up your home for Spring

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Spring is definitely with us.

The garden is now starting to bloom with colour and the smell of the freshly cut lawns heralds the spring. The fields are coming alive with the new lambs and the first buds are starting to appear on the trees.  So how do you prepare your home to welcome the spring?

  1. Spring Clean. 

    Cleaning is not everybody’s favourite pastime but you will certainly enjoy your home and feel more relaxed after a good deep clean.  Be sure to give windows a good wash, inside and outside to allow the natural sunlight brighten up your home.

  2. Clean Out.

    Now is the time to load the car for a trip to the Recycling Centre or the car boot sale.  Sell, give away or donate anything that you no longer require.

  3. Open the windows.  

    Allow a breath of fresh air into your home. Even if only for an hour a day, let the stagnant, stale air of winter out and invite fresh, clean air to fill your home.

  4. Have a look inside the wardrobe. 

    How about leaving the darks and the winter woollies away until next winter? Bring out some lighter, brightly coloured clothes to put a spring into your step and lift your mood.

  5. Bring in the Spring.  Give your home the scent of Spring. A bunch of spring flowers not only add fragrance but a splash of colour to your home.

Would you like to allow more light into your home or to open up your home for the summer?  Why not consider installing a set of Bi-fold Doors or Lift and Slide Doors?  

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5 Ways to freshen up your home for Spring
Brighten up your home this Spring