Tilt Turn Windows: the choice of Zero Carbon and Passive House designers. Why?

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For centuries the vast majority of windows in Ireland and Britain were sliding sash windows and to a lesser extent outward opening casements. However, in recent years Tilt Turn windows have become more popular. So what are the advantages of Tilt Turn windows?

Tilt turn windows provide two main advantages, performance and sizing.

Without doubt Tilt Turn windows deliver much better performance and are the choice of Zero Carbon and Passive House designers. Not only do they achieve better u-values but also much better air tightness levels. Most usually have three weather seals but the better windows now have four. When this is combined with a passive house or an A Rated installation method the windows will deliver outstanding levels of comfort within the home.

Tilt Turn windows allow two methods of opening, a simple tilt open at the top allows ventilation or can be opened completely inward to allow maximum ventilation, easy cleaning of the glass or in the event of an emergency a clear means of escape. This method of opening may cause some concern for homeowners regarding window blinds but there are many products on the market now to overcome this including integrated blinds.

The other notable advantage of Tilt Turn windows is their ability to allow really large opening windows. Whereas standard uPVC casement windows typically have maximum opening sizes of around 750 wide and 1500mm high Tilt Turns can provide designers with opening windows in excess of 1500mm wide and up to 2400mm high. This allows architects greater freedom and creativity and allows homeowners to really take advantage of the natural landscape around them.

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